Image: Northside Sun

The City of Jackson – Government says an early morning electrical fire at the OB Curtis Water Treatment Plant is to blame for a loss in water pressure today for Jackson residents.

The fire was managed with the assistance of the Ridgeland Fire Department and the Jackson Fire Department. “We anticipate the plant being back online by noon today, but it could take longer if other issues are found during the recovery,” according to a news release.

The fire shut down two high-service pumps and, as a result, the entire plant. Electrical contractors are onsite to assist with rewiring the high service pumps to get them back online. The City says once the high service pumps are back online, full power should be restored to the plant.

The loss of pressure in the system requires the City to issue a boil water notice for all surface water connections. This notice does not affect the Jackson-Maddox Road well customers.

Update (1 pm): The electrical issue at OB Curtis plant has been isolated and all electricity and water production has been fully restored. Residents should start seeing an improvement in their water pressure by this evening and into the night.