The classic Stamps Super Burger. Image: Stamps

If you are a burger fan and don’t know how to get to Dalton Street in West Jackson, are you even eating a hamburger?

Stamps Super Burger, a grocery purchased in 1970 by the late Algernon Stamps, Sr. and his wife Barbara, has served the all-American classic sandwich since 1986.

As the story goes, Algernon Stamps wanted a burger on Sunday after church and couldn’t decide where to get one. He turned to his grocery, made it himself and, the rest, as they say, is history.

These days, Stamps’ grandson, Phil Stamps II, has become the face of the brand. Phil is quick to recognize the legacy of the business but, long term, said the goal is to develop a franchisable product, a model that could create great opportunity long-term.

Algernon Stamps, Sr. Image: Stamps

“I credit my father and uncles for taking what my grandfather did, trying to push and mold the brand,” Phil said of Phil, Sr., Algernon, Jr. and Tim Stamps. “I want to take what they have done and take it to the next level. We have to utilize social media and create recognition for the younger generation.” 

The eatery, walkable to Jackson State University, is trying to recapture the college crowd. “The older generation of college students were very much aware of us,” Phil said. “We’re continuing to make sure we’re visible for JSU. And they can use their JSU Super Card with us.” 

Stamps Super Burgers’ best-sellers include the original Stamps Super Burger – a made in-house hand mixed, hand pattied, and hand-seasoned sandwich loaded with toppings. Their hand-cut French fries, seasoned with a proprietary spice blend, make the perfect side. Phil said they are fast becoming known for their wings – lemon pepper, sweet and spicy, buffalo style.

If you are not a beef eater, try the turkey burger, which Phil said always surprises the skeptics.

And, this month, Stamps will add a portabella burger – made from a portabella cap, marinated and lightly fried to create a consistent texture, served on a wheat bun with avocado mayo. “We’re looking to provide our customers a vegan option, so they know we have a place for them on our menu,” Phil said.

Stamps is currently seeking part-time employees. 

“It’s been a challenge for the entire industry to find workers. We have a great opportunity. As we look to expand, we like to be able to promote from within.”

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