Food entrepreneur Chloe Sumrall is soon to be the latest “graduate” of Cultivation Food Hall.

Her vendor stall, Coco’s Multi-Culti, started in May of this year, will close by the end of the month, allowing her to focus on a food truck instead.

Sumrall, who was once a part of Cultivation’s management team and helped develop Yo Mama’s Tacos & Tapas there, says the eclectic nature of her menu necessitates the change.

“It’s just authentically how I cook,” she said of her menu’s variety. “I don’t play by the rules.”

Sumrall will use the Food Lab at the Ecoshed in Jackson’s Industry Park neighborhood as her commissary kitchen with opportunities there for special pop-up menus.

The food truck will bring Coco’s menu-of-the-moment to neighborhoods, bars and events around the area.

Sumrall’s love affair with food goes back to her earliest memories.

“There are pictures of me at three standing on a step stool making crepes,” she explained. “I still have my Hershey’s chocolate cookbook from the Scholastic book fair in elementary school.”

Though food has always been a love, Sumrall said she chased her peers and society’s expectations for a career.

“They’re doing so much more than what I’m doing,” she said. “I kept leaving [the restaurant industry] for other jobs but would do food on the side. Finally, I found food is just what I want to do. At the end of the day, it was time to make the decision to go into food full time. And that’s already lead to other opportunities.”

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