Music soothes the savage beast – or in this case, cabin fever.

We’ve put together a nearly eight hour Spotify playlist of JXN-based bands (thanks to Facebook group members of Ardenland for the suggestions) and expanded the list statewide. We’ve even included music from artists who were born here or called Mississippi home.

The songs, selected by popularity on Spotify, run the gamut from rock to rap, country, gospel, pop, soul, blues, EDM and metal. We’re certain, it won’t all be to your taste, so use the shuffle button – and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite artist or band!

* I have taken a bit of personal privilage in choosing some artists’ songs. Also, fair warning – some songs contain explicit lyrics (as indicated next to each track in the Spotify app on desktop, Mac and smart devices).

Clicking the tracks below give you a :30 preview. Open the full list for free in Spotify.

Not found on Spotify but suggested by Ardenland members: Stonewalls, The Vamps, Beebees, Delta Gun, Cynical Twins, Nekisopaya, Barry Leach, Radio Station Wagon, The Jackson Gypsies, Kicking, DBL Take, Royal Horse, The Church Keys, Living Better Electrically, Fling Hammer, Beanland and the Yalobushwhackers.