Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba

Updated August 19

On Tuesday, Mayor Lumumba extended the city-wide curfew issued on August 6 through August 19.  As in the previous order, the curfew prohibits a range of non-essential pedestrian and vehicular movement during the hours of midnight to 5:00 am for a period of five days.  After the five-day period, the need for a new Order of Curfew will be reviewed.

The curfew extension is part of a comprehensive effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  This effort also includes the Fourth Amended Stay Safe Jackson Executive Order issued today by Mayor Lumumba in effect through August 19 that extends last week’s Third Stay Safe Order through at least Wednesday, August 19 (yes, bars are still closed).

The amended Executive Order extends the “10/20” restrictions on gatherings to include parks.  The 10/20 rule limits inside gatherings to no more than 10 people with appropriate social distancing and no more than 20 people with appropriate social distancing at outside gatherings. 

“The science is clear.  Staying home, wearing masks and physical distancing are important to keeping each other safe,” said Mayor Lumumba.  “Our commitment is to protect the health of our residents by any means necessary.  We will get through this together.”

Residents are encouraged to seek support in these challenging times by calling the City of Jackson’s Warmline at (601) 601-586-3073 or 866-300-7948, or learning more about support services including employment opportunities at jacksonms.gov.

The curfew order also requires essential businesses or operations located within the City of Jackson to provide essential employees – upon request – documentation or verification of their essential status and necessity for travel during the curfew hours.

You can read the Order of Curfew here. You can read the Fourth Amended Stay Safe Jackson Executive Order here.