Donuts. Image: Campbell’s Craft Donuts

by Rebecca Fending

Within the Belhaven Town Center rests a café that marries the comforting, cozy and classic donut shop feel with new age spins on typical breakfast and lunch options.

Campbell’s Craft Donuts offers Jackson locals, visitors and tourists an array of uniquely tantalizing treats, ranging from sticky sweet to satisfyingly savory. From their ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls to the queso tots, these house-made delicacies can’t be found elsewhere.

Chef Mitchell Moore sits at the helm of Campbell’s Craft Donuts. A frequent visitor of Austin, Texas, Moore wanted to bring, well, more, to Jackson through his Austin-inspired breakfast tacos.

“I travel to Austin quite a bit, and I have to say it is such a great town, and it reminds me of (Jackson’s) Fondren (neighborhood) in many ways you know, the funky side and all,” Moore remarks. “So, I wanted to bring what I and many others enjoy about Austin, which are the tacos, breakfast tacos specifically.”

Pairing tacos and donuts might be a bit unprecedented, albeit genius, but why have them share menu space?

“Why be like everyone else?” Moore asks.

“Every restaurant has sausage biscuits, so why carry those? If we are going to do donuts for the sweet and want something else for the savory, breakfast tacos are the best option.”

Indeed, it is the best option as Campbell’s has garnered rave reviews since opening in November of 2019. With quick service, prices and quality that are unbeatable and a chef that loves what he does, you can’t go wrong. From comments on how welcoming and kind the staff is, to the generous size of the handmade donuts, Campbell’s is quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite for many people.

If you’re a planner and want to have some idea of what you’ll order during your visit to Campbell’s, Chef Moore has a few recommendations based on his personal favorites that are currently on the menu.

Tacos. Image: Campbell’s Craft Donut

“The Honey butter chicken taco for the savory,” Moore says. “Our fried chicken drenched in house honey butter, tots and queso. It’s the perfect salty-sweet combo. For the donuts, my favorite is the cookie butter. We don’t do much to it other than put cookie butter on it, but you don’t need to do much else. It’s so good.”

Moore’s to-go order includes the cheesy house specialty.

“The queso burger and queso and bacon tots. Everything on the burger is made in house from the bun to the burger, the queso, even the pickles.”

Campbell’s Craft Donuts doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon, especially with a regularly rotating assortment of donuts and the promise of a distinctive brunch menu to come.

“Flavors of donuts change all the time, every week actually. But we are starting both catering and brunch,” Moore explains. “And I’m really looking forward to brunch. It’s going to be unlike everything else, just like we like it.”

Campbell’s Craft Donuts is located on 1121 North Jefferson Street in Jackson and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm.

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