New Orleans-based District Donuts Sliders Brew is coming to JxnMS.

Belhaven Town Center made the announcement via social media on Tuesday.

The eatery will locate in the former space of Campbell’s Craft Donuts.

“People ask us all the time why Jackson is the next location and our answer always goes back to the neighborhood of Belhaven,” said Aaron Vogel, co-owner of District Donuts, Sliders & Brew, who has a additional location in Las Vegas.

“Our hope is to always find ourselves in neighborhoods that make sense for us and we think we found the right one in Jackson.”

Vogel went on to say it would be a real treat to have Elvie’s, Spectrum Sip and Fertile Ground Beer Co. as neighbors.

“The larger context of Jackson feels super welcoming to us as well. Every interaction we’ve had with people in the community has reinforced our excitement in being a part of the Jackson community.”

Dr. Reed Hogan, a partner at Belhaven Town Center, said the spot will be about more than breakfast.”Yes, it’s great coffee and donuts, but also awesome lunch, salads, sandwiches and craft beers. They’ll be open until 9 pm and family friendly. This shouldn’t be the once a month donut stop; it should be the several-time-a-week go-to for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

According to the post, District Donuts plans to open this summer.