The Oreo Donut

Belhaven Town Center will officially open its doors to the public when Campbell’s Craft Donuts opens on Saturday, November 30.

Additional tenants including nine pre-leased offices above Campbell’s Craft Donuts, Spectrum Sip and Elvie’s Restaurant are prepping for a January 2020 opening.

Campbell’s Craft Donuts is owned and operated by Chef Mitchell Moore, owner and pastry chef of Jackson institution, Campbell’s Bakery in Fondren, as well as Campbell’s Bakery in Madison. Campbell’s Craft Donuts brings hand-crafted donuts, breakfast tacos and gourmet coffee to the area. The shop will be open Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The first of the year will bring Elvie’s Restaurant to Belhaven Town Center, with Chef Hunter Evans at the helm. Elvie’s, an all-day café, will serve seasonal fare showcasing the goods from Southern farmers. From breakfast to cocktails and dinner, Elvie’s will be serving up thoughtfully prepared food served with a side of hospitality. Spectrum Sip will offer healthy shakes, loaded teas, pre/post workout fuel and children’s hydration. Spectrum Sip offers over 50 flavors of shakes and over 40 flavors of loaded teas.

Moore, Evans, Turner, Lowry and Hogan, Jr.

Developers Dr. Reed Hogan Sr., Dr. Reed Hogan III, Ruffin Lowry and David Turner were on hand Monday to speak about the development, in the works for the last seven years, and unveil plans for future developments on the site including a food truck courtyard, a brewpub and open-air market as part of the ongoing development.

Both Hogans, Lowry, and Turner all have strong ties to the neighborhood and are passionate about creating a place where community is made stronger.

“This corner is where the neighborhood begins,” says Reed Hogan III. “The thought is that eventually you’ll have everything you need right here within walking distance. We truly believe, ten years from now, when you drive into Belhaven, people will just assume the Belhaven Town Center is where it all started.”

“We have sought out tenants and businesses that are invested in the idea of a community hub,” says Lowry of the restaurants, cafes, and office tenants that will make up Belhaven Town Center. “We have been careful to find owner-operators that really get the soul of Jackson.”

Located at the corner of Belhaven’s North Jefferson and Manship Streets, Belhaven Town Center is built upon the principles of the Urban Magnet Theory, which is based on structuring a place around key planning, land use and design approaches that appeal to activity-oriented people in a community.

“Our idea behind this development is about much more than just architecture,” says Turner. “It’s about activity.”

Campbell’s Craft Donuts is located at Belhaven Town Center (corner of Jefferson and Manship Streets).

The menu at Campbell”s Craft Donuts