Dr. Reed Hogan seemingly never sleeps. As an accomplished physician, husband and father of four
young daughters, his schedule stays full.

But, the Jackson native is on a mission to make his neighborhood and his city the best it can be. He pours himself into his work with the Belhaven Improvement Association, Friends of Laurel Street Park, Jackson United, the Community Foundation of Mississippi and his role as a co-developer of the new Belhaven Town Center.

“I’ve been blessed to travel to and live in many great cities, but there is nothing like home and the sense
of community that you experience in Jackson,” says Reed. “Jackson is a place full of talented individuals
and so much untapped creative potential that I hope to be a part of pushing to fruition.”

He has burned the midnight oil to beautify, preserve and secure Mississippi’s largest historic district and can often be found landscaping common areas, installing historic markers, meeting with city officials and planning
events in his spare time.

“I’m passionate about The Belhaven Historic District and Belhaven Town Center,” says Reed. “Nationwide, there has been a movement back into urban systems and the revitalization of traditional neighborhoods. Belhaven is Mississippi’s largest historic district and has been vital in creating the very fabric of the city. It’s primed to be the center of urban revival for the city.”

Dr. Reed Hogan is featured in the 2020 Visit Jackson Tour Guide