Mitchell Moore is giving baking lessons on Facebook.

Everyone’s stuck at home. In our socially-distanced existence, we’re missing out on enriching and entertaining JXN culture.

But who says you can’t experience local attractions and tours from the comfort of your couch (and in your PJs, no less)?

Here are virtual opportunities to connect to culture, education and fun.

Mississippi Museum of Art
The Museum announced on Aprtil 1 their immediate plans, specifically pertaining to the delayed opening of their latest exhibit, Van Gogh, Monet, Degas and Their Times, (“We’re not sure just when that return will be, but we do know it will not occur in April“).

For now, virtual activities included on their education digital resources page serve the needs of young and old. Writing, trivia and art activities, along with programs from the museum’s Center for Art & Public Exchange are featured.

The Museum’s garden remains open as long as recommended social distancing guidelines are followed.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
The Museum’s Facebook account is serving as an outreach resource with plans to host a Facebook Live on Thursdays in April at 10 a.m. Check out their first such event, a “creature feature” with Museum educator, Corey Wright.

Mississippi Children’s Museum
The Museum says they are uploading activities to their website under their “Play” tab (“Activities You Can Do at Home”) and adding content to their social media daily (several videos are live already). The programs are interactive and educational and utilize museum resources to keep kids excited and engaged.

More Than a Tourist
If you’re not plugged in to Jane Jones’s More Than a Tourist Instagram and YouTube accounts, you’re missing her limited (and highly informative) series on Jackson attractions. So far, she’s covered the Merci Train and the Mississippi Museum of Art, and, more recently, the Fertile Ground Project and Farish Street. Jones walks you around the attraction she’s featuring and, you’d swear you were right there with her.

Cooking Shows
Campbell’s Bakery and Campbell’s Donuts Chef and owner, Mitchell Moore, is teaching you how to bake on a new Facebook page, Get Out of My Kitchen. The lessons go beyond baking though. One of Moore’s recent sessions focused on the basics of roux and gravy.

Live Music
Your favorite musician is on social media. Chances are, they are really on social media these days. With live gigs canceled, many are turning to Facebook Live and Instagram Live to play their hits (and great covers, too). On Saturday night, as we got ready for bed, Spencer Thomas was strumming from his own bedroom and interacting with his fans. “City With Soul” songbird Teneia played on her Patreon account and harmonica man, Scott Albert Johnson, played a Facebook live show. Chances are, your favorite singer or band is in on this game, too. Check their social media (and send them money. Remember, they are entertaining you. Consider it a cover charge and pay up.)

Follow The Egg JXN
Last year’s physical scavenger hunt has gone high tech. Instead of hunting for wooden, hand-painted eggs, seekers will “find” colored egg printouts in windows while out on leisurely walks (socially distanced, of course) in their neighborhoods.

Follow @followtheeggjxn on Instagram, like the Jenny Breaux Mortgage Specialist Renasant Bank and Hayley J Hayes Realtor Overby Residential pages on Facebook to find the coloring sheets and get the rules of the hunt.

Podcasts, Videos and Playlists, Oh My
We can keep you entertained for a while ourselves! From the City With Soul docuseries with Rita Brent to our Chefs With Soul mini-series with Jeff Good and our Soul Sessions podcast (we have three episodes up and another to come on April 15).

Don’t forget, we’ve curated a JXN + MS artist music playlist on Spotify with eight-plus hours of everything from The Weeks and David Banner to Elvis and Muddy Waters.

And, last but not least, our new series, My City TV is a twice-weekly talk show whose guests include musicians, artists, chefs, city leaders and more. Check it out on IGTV and Facebook.