Cole Furlow’s RCF opens the After Hours series at Urban Foxes on July 23. Image: LB Lott-Furlow

Belhaven Heights bakery and coffee shop Urban Foxes has announced their upcoming “After Hours” concert lineup for 2021.

Six shows are listed, kicking off July 23 with Cole Furlow’s psych-pop outfit, RCF. On August 13, beats and hip-hop artist FlyWalker and Friends are scheduled, followed by hip-hop artist, Pyinfamous on September 17.

In October, Vermont-based choral group Northern Harmony takes the stage. On November 5, hear singer-songwriter Landon Lloyd Miller with VIC, and, on December 10, boogie rockers BARK with the soulful Ally Durr.


“I really handpick these artists, so they’ve all meant something special – either being a longtime fan or watching new artists really come into their own,” said Urban Foxes co-owner, Cody Cox. “It’s a really varied bag each season, genre-wise, too.”

In 2019 and early 2020, Urban Foxes hosted seven sold-out concerts. To celebrate their second birthday in May, the bakery hosted the reunion show for Questions In Dialect.

“These concerts are important because they allow room for artists to curate their own experience via their music,” said Cox. “Instead of a loud bar, it’s more of a listening space where audience and artist can share something.”

All shows begin at 7 pm with doors at 6 pm.

Tickets are limited and available in-store or at