California native and owner of Poke Stop JXN, Rachel Phuong Le, has launched her newest concept, Stuffed Asian Street Food, at Cultivation Food Hall.

Stuffed Asian Street Food serves a variety of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese street food, all with a stuffed theme.

Indulge in Chinese egg rolls, steamed bao buns, Japanese dumplings, and of course, Vietnamese banh mi as well as whipped coffee.

The Vietnamese banh mi, served similarly to a po-boy is stuffed with meats cooked and marinated in-house, including pork belly, lemongrass beef, and Asian fried shrimp.

Food has served as a major part of Phuong’s family since childhood. Her mother owned a Pho restaurant in Vietnam, where lines would start early in the morning and, by lunchtime, she would be sold out.

When Phuong heard the first food hall in Mississippi would be opening in Jackson, she knew she had to be a part of it.

“Food halls are the new hot spots for hip, trendy cuisines,” she said. “I love the food hall culture and the diversity of it all, and I wanted to be a part of that movement.”

Stuffed Asian Street Food is open Monday-Saturday Noon-8pm. Follow them on Instagram.