Today on Soul Sessions – the new podcast featuring conversations on culture from JXNMS – we hear from David Lewis.

The City of Jackson’s Deputy Director of Cultural Services and recent “Friend of Tourism” Hometown Hero award-winner, Lewis is a graduate of Mississippi State University in architectural studies and earned his masters in Urban Planning at Jackson State University.

Known for his work with The Greater Jackson Arts Council and numerous public art projects around the city, Lewis now brings direction to Thalia Mara Hall, Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center, the Arts Center of MS, the Municipal Art Gallery and soon, a renovated and reimagined Davis Planetarium.

Lewis’s hot spots for 24 hours in Jackson:

  • Offbeat – Wesley Avenue – Midtown
    “(Philip Rollins) does an amazing job bringing in artists and giving everyone a voice in that space.”
  • Elvie’s – Belhaven Town Center
    “Everyone needs to go there.”
  • Campbell’s Donuts – Belhaven Town Center
  • Mississippi Museum of Art – downtown Jackson
    “They’ve always done such a great job of thinking outside the box to get people in their spaces.”
  • Bully’s – Livingston Road
    “You can’t beat Southern fried food from there. It’s so good.”
  • Lou’s and Manship – Belhaven

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