Red. Image: Red Squared

Roderick Red has never been busier.

The CEO of Red Squared said the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic initially caused trepidation.

“It was pretty scary,” he recalled. “I only had a couple of months of savings to pay our people. But business immediately picked up, within a couple of months – at a fever pitch – and it hasn’t stopped since.”

Thanks to government grants and clients like the Mississippi State Department of Health, Jackson Heart Study and Offices of Preventive Health – and live streaming clients – Red and his team are telling stories.

Red Square’s latest project, “The Defenders,” chronicles lawyers during the Civil Rights movement. That project, funded by the Foundation for MS History and Mississippi Department of Archives and History, will release in early 2022. 

“Storytelling is something we have been doing for years at Red Squared and recognize the value in that,” Red said. “I started my company at the best time to be doing video. That’s what young people want to see.”

Red believes a generational shift, putting millennials in leadership roles, is responsible for transformation. 

He added, “Now the world is being shaped based on what this group thinks.”

In 2012, Red founded Red Squared, a full-service video production company specializing in commercials and documentaries for companies and non-profits. 

Red Squared has been located in Midtown since 2014. “Midtown is the first time I got to witness a true organic renaissance happen to a neighborhood,” Red said in 2018. “The creative energy and quality of art being produced in Midtown is what helped my business grow in the neighborhood, and that is what makes the Midtown so special to me.”

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