Filing for building permits in JXN? The service has moved into the 21st century.

“What previously required multiple trips to multiple floors, chasing signatures and stamps, can now be done from anywhere: a phone, a tablet or a computer,” said Jordan Hillman, Planning and Development Director for the City of Jackson.

The City introduced a new web portal, accessible at, which can also be utilized for a public records search to see if a property has a permit.

All building permit inspections and utility release requests can now be made online, and applications can be serviced and monitored in real-time. Applicants can review and pay fees by credit card or ACH draft.

Once applications are submitted, request an inspection online from inspectors in the field using real-time mobile devices, and see comments and photos left by inspectors.

Over the last two years, Hillman said her department had begun modernizing the City’s code of ordinances and changing the walls governing permitting. By simplifying processes and modernizing fee schedules, the City has changed how those fees are calculated, removing complicated tables and filing fees from the process.

Additionally, permits can be downloaded digitally and printed from anywhere.

The cloud-based system is linked with state contractors, board licensing data, assessors’ data and GIS mapping, allowing data to be found in one place. The convenience brings enhanced efficiency and transparency to the process, Hillman said.

The update to the permitting process was in the works before COVID, but Hillman said her department is now in the position to offer services from whatever scenarios they face. While paper applications are still available, applicants are encouraged to make the shift to online.

In early 2021, Planning and Development will bring the remaining zoning and business license applications online.