Magnolia Sunset Markets will run every third Saturday of the month, 4 – 7 pm through the end of the year, weather permitting. 

Magnolia Sunset Markets, a curated urban marketplace mixed with artisans, local produce, food, and music and good times, is now hosting monthly events at Footprint Farms.

The Saturday market – $5 per car – will run every third Saturday of the month, 4 – 7 pm through the end of the year, weather permitting. 

The Magnolia Sunset Markets is designed to address the need to create more spaces that focus on highlighting emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs of color. The market is centered around four key messages:

  • The market encourages Agri-tourism. Foot Print Farms can supply healthy, fresh food options along with outdoor spaces that will easily attract out-of-state visitors.
  • The market aims to celebrate the creative economy and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit that presently exists in Mississippi. 

“Mississippi’s creative economy is a direct source of economic growth and wealth, accounting for more than 60,000 jobs across the state, said Malcolm White, former Tourism Director for the Mississippi Development Authority. “The creative economy provides sustainable economic contributions to the state.” 

  • The market aims to build an eco-system of local and statewide businesses that are interconnected and thrive off one another. 

Cindy Ayers of Foot Print Farms envisions the market “as a maker’s space, where we can have artists, music, and spoken word. We can have our craft and buy among each other, you know, similar to what they did when Farish Street was Farish Street and Black Wall Street was Black Wall Street.” 

  • Outdoor markets are safe. According to the Center for Disease Control, “Outdoor farmers markets provide a lower risk shopping option with immediate and lasting benefits for shoppers and the community-at-large.” The Magnolia Sunset Market operators will actively implement known strategies to keep their communities, staff and vendors safe.